Power Quality Monitoring – Reducing Costs with a Fluke 434

While many companies strive to guarantee the health of electrical infrastructure through predictive maintenance, they seldom consider the quality of power that fuels the system. In this article, we at Powerpoint Engineering aim to address the significance of power quality monitoring and its impact on operating costs. We will also explain how you can use the Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer to limit undue expenses. Continue reading

Safety Factors to Consider for Substation Accessibility

There are many Safety Factors that should be taken in to consideration for Substation Accessibility. These include Controlling Authorised Access for Electrical Work, Non-Electrical Manual Work and Inspections/ Delivery/ Audits/ Observations, Restricting Authorised Access and Preventing Unauthorised Access. Implementing an appropriate access program after careful analysis of all site-specific risks and hazards can be beneficial in addressing accessibility concerns and ensuring substation safety. Continue reading

Advantages of IR-Fusion Technology

The benefits of IR-Fusion Technology are many. IR-Fusion technology can collect a visible light image aswell as the infrared thermal image. This helps in clarifying IR image analysis and allows the user to identify and report suspect components more easily and inevitably enable the repair to be done correctly with no guess work.
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Seaward Apollo Series Comparison

In this article, we’ll discuss the expertise and technical prowess that Seaward has in the field of electrical test devices – with the focus primarily on its Portable Appliance Testers (PAT Testers): Apollo 400, Apollo 500 and Apollo 600. These … Continue reading

Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks

Safety padlocks are an integral part of the standard lockout tagout device inventory of any company. They serve to physically lockout specific equipment or areas to avoid accidents during regular maintenance routines, as well as emergency repairs. However, tracking and … Continue reading